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Build the confidence to land your next job

Get interview ready and learn how to showcase your skills
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Why Changing Direction?

I work with people from all backgrounds and ages who are currently out of work for any number of reasons and who are looking to improve their chances of getting a job.
Clients include people who have been out of work for some time, those looking to change career, people who have experienced redundancy, women returning to work after having children and also school leavers and graduates.
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Hello, I'm Diana, an experienced career coach and trainer with a passion for helping people understand what they have to offer an employer. Having been a woman returner myself and working at The University of Westminster on back-to-work courses, I know what it feels like to be lacking in confidence and needing someone to be on your side.
My style is very approachable, encouraging and reassuring; I can help you feel more confident by getting you to understand where your strengths are.
With a successful track-record of getting people into work, I am continuing to develop my private consultancy as well as working with organisations which offer outplacement to those facing redundancy.
I’ve written a book for women returning to work, am a member of the Association for Coaching and have a degree from University College London.

What I can help you with

Skills assessment
The first thing many people need is a skills assessment – looking at your own skills-set and understanding what employers are looking for. Often, people don’t recognise that they possess skills beyond just those they have been using in their previous jobs – I explore with you these transferable skills in order to make you a good match for the next job, especially if you are contemplating a change in career.
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CV writing
Almost everyone could improve their CV if they only knew how. I can help with writing your CV. There is no magic formula – if your CV communicates to the reader who you are and what you have to offer, it has done its job. Otherwise, you have missed a trick. It’s a selling tool for you and needs to show you in the best light, without exaggeration.
Completing an application form
For some jobs, you might be required to complete an application form. There is a knack to this, but once you understand what the reader is looking for, it becomes much easier. It’s all about communicating your skills, personality and competence for the job, especially in your personal statement, which is the crucial part of the form.
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Developing interview technique
Developing your interview technique is a key part of what I do – you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression. I find strategies for coping with the dreaded interview nerves and those difficult questions that might catch you unawares. Preparation is vital – "if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail".
Building your confidence
Underpinning absolutely everything I do with you is building your confidence. Many people who are unemployed, for whatever reason, have lost their confidence, but everyone has something to offer an employer. I help to rebuild your confidence and set realistic targets in your job search. This can be combined with strategies for creative ways of looking for work.
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Improving your employability
For those who are starting out on the career ladder, I use established career counselling exercises to guide you in your first steps into the world of work. I also talk about employability skills generally, including your attitude to work, willingness to learn and ability to get on with people – essential qualities whatever you are planning on doing.
How to achieve a work-life balance
If you are a parent looking to return to work after having children, finding a successful work-life balance will be vital to you. I look at techniques for managing your priorities and taking a long hard look at your life as a whole to help you manage your return to work as smoothly as possible.
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Diana’s ability to cut through the anxiety, stress and complication of finding a new job enabled me to understand that I should not limit what type of role I look for. It is because of her guidance and support that was able to understand that it is okay to move on and seek new challenges.

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